Rabu, 16 Mei 2012

Kitab-kitab Strategi

No. Judul Pengarang
1 50 Essential Chess Lessons  Steve Giddins
2 50 Ways to Win at Chess Steve Giddins
3 101 Attacking Ideas in Chess  Joe Gallagher
4 101 Chess Questions Answered  Steve Giddins
5 101 Winning chess strategies Angus Dunnington
6 A Course in Chess Tactics  Dejan Bojkov
7 A guide to attacking chess  Gary Lane
8 Analytical Manual  Mark Dvoretsky
9 Attack With Mikhail Tal Mikhail Tal
10 Attacking Manual 1 Jacob Aagaard
11 Attacking Manual 2 Jacob Aagaard
12 Attacking Technique  Colin Crouch
13 Beat the Grandmasters  Christian Kongsted
14 Bishop versus Knight, The Verdict  Steve Mayer 
15 Blunders and brilliancies  Ian Mullen & Moe Moss
16 Boost your chess 1 - The fundamentals  Arthur Yusupov
17 Boost your Chess 2 - Beyond the basics  Arthur Yusupov
18 Boost your chess 3 - Mastery Arthur Yusupov
19 Build up your chess 1 - The Fundamentals Arthur Yusupov
20 Build up your chess 2 - Beyond the basics Arthur Yusupov
21 Build up your chess 3 - Mastery Arthur Yusupov
22 Building up your chess  Lev Alburt
23 Bxh7+ Master both sides of chess  David Rudel
24 Chess College: Pawn Play  Efstratios Grivas
25 Chess Lessons  Vladimir Popov
26 Chess middlegame planning  Peter Romanovsky
27 Chess Recipes from the Grandmaster's Kitchen Valeri Beim
28 Chess Self-Improvement  Zennon Franco
29 Chess Strategy for Club Players  Herman Grooten
30 Chess Strategy in action  John Watson
31 Combinations in the Middle Game  Bondarevsky
32 COOL Chess  Paul Motwani
33 Creative Chess Strategy Alfonso Romero
34 Decision-Making at the Chessboard  Viacheslav Eingorn
35 Dynamic pawn play in chess  Drazen Marovic
36 Dynamics of chess strategy  Vlastimil Jansa
37 Elements of chess strategy  Alexei Kosikov
38 Exchanging to Win in the Endgame  Gennady Nesis
39 Exploiting Small Advantages  Eduard Gufeld
40 Find the winning move  Gary Lane
41 Formation Attacks  Joel Johnson
42 Grandmaster Chess Move by Move  John Nunn
43 Grandmaster Chess strategy  Jurgen Kaufeld
44 Grandmaster Secrets Counter-Attack!  Zenon Franco
45 How to crush your chess opponents  Simon Williams
46 How to defend in chess  Colin Crouch
47 How to Play Dynamic Chess  Valerie Beim
48 How to think in chess  Jan Przewoznik 
49 How to Win at Chess - 10 Golden Rules   Daniel King
50 Hypermodern chess Aron Nimzovich
51 Improve our middlegame play  Andrew Kinsman
52 Improve your chess now Jonathan Tisdall
53 Improve your chess at any age  Andres D. Hortilloza
54 Improve your chess  Lars Bo Hansen
55 Improve your Chess in 7 Days  Gary Lane
56 Improve Your Opening Play  Chris Ward
57 Improve Your Positional Chess Carsten Hansen
58 Inside the Chess Mind  Jacob Aagaard
59 Instructive Modern Chess Masterpieces  Igor Stohl
60 Instructive positions from Master Chess  J. Mieses
61 John Nunns Chess Puzzle Book  John Nunn
62 Learn From The Legends  Mihail Marin
63 Learn from Your Chess Mistakes  Chris Baker
64 Lessons in Chess Strategy  Valeri Beim
65 Logical chess move by move Alexandre Chernin
66 Looking for trouble  Dan Heisman
67 Mastering Chess Tactics  Neil McDonald
68 Mastering Positional Chess  Daniel Naroditsky
69 Mastering Tactical Ideas  Nikolay Minev
70 Modern Chess Analysis  Robin Smith
71 Modern Chess Planning  Grivas
72 Open Files  Wolfgang Uhlmann
73 Pandolfinis Ultimate Guide to Chess  Bruce Pandolfini
74 Pawn Power  Angus Dunnington
75 Pawn Power in chess  Hans Kmoch
76 Perfect your chess  Andrei Volotikin 
77 Planning after the Opening  Neil McDonald
78 Play Chess Like The Pros  Danny Gromally
79 Positional chess handbook  Israel Gelfer
80 Positional Sacrifices  Neil McDonald
81 Prepare to Attack Gary Lane
82 Questions of modern chess theory  Isaac Lipnitsky
83 Rethinking The Chess Pieces  Andrew Soltis
84 S.T.A.R. Chess  Paul Motwani
85 Secrets of Attacking Chess  Mihail Marin 
86 Secrets of chess defense  Mihail Marin 
87 Secrets of chess intuition  Alexander Beliavski 
88 Secrets of chess transformations  Drazen Marovic
89 Secrets of spectacular chess  Levit & Friedgood
90 Seven is the Limit  Niharendu Sikdar
91 Sharpen your tactics  Anatoly Lein
92 Starting out: Attacking Play James Plaskett
93 Studies and Games  Jan Timman
94 Surprise in Chess  Avni Mataznia
95 Take My Rooks  Yasser Seirawan
96 Test your Chess  Steffen Pedersen
97 Test Your Tactical Ability Yakov Neishtadt
98 The amateurs mind  Jeremy Silman
99 The Art of Attacking Chess  Zenon Franco
100 The Chess player's battle manual  Nigel Davies
101 The Elements of Positional Evaluation  Dan Heisman
102 The final countdown  Hajenius Van Riemsdijk 
103 The genesis of power chess Leslie Ault
104 The Giant Chess Puzzle Book  Zenon Franco
105 The Giants of Power Play  Neil McDonald
106 The Grandmasters Mind  Amatzai Avni
107 The Ideas Behind The Chess Openings  Reuben Fine
108 The Improving Chess Thinker  Dan Heisman
109 The magic of chess tactics  Claus Dieter Meyer
110 The Power Chess Program 1  Nigel Davies
111 The Power Chess Program 2 Nigel Davies
112 The Quickest Chess Victories of All Time Graham Burgess
113 The road to chess improvment  Alex Yermolinsky
114 The Survival Guide to Competitive Chess John Emms
115 The System  Hans Berliner
116 The Ultimate Chess Puzzle Book  John Emms
117 Three Steps to Chess Mastery  Alexei Suetin
118 Training for the Tournament Player Mark Dvoretsky 
119 Transpo Tricks in Chess  Andrew Soltis
120 True Lies in Chess  Lluis Comas Fabrego

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