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Garry Kasparov: The Greatest Player of All Time

Early Days (1963-1979)

Exploding onto the Scene (1979-1983)

Winning and Securing the Championship (1984-1986)

The Battle Within FIDE (1986-1992)

The Schism (1993-2000)

The Once and Future Champion (2000-2004)
How to Read Chess Notation
Game #1: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Lesson: Take advantage of pawn weakness.
Game #2: It's My Line, Now!

Lesson: Get defenders out of the way.
Game #3: Champion of the World (Junior Style)

Lesson: Target the f7 square!
Game #4: When the Cats are Away, the Rats Invade

Lesson: Don't leave your king alone.
Game #5: It's Never Too Early for a Refutation

Lesson: Castle ... or else!
Game #6: The Tale of the Travelling Bishop

Lesson: The bishop is a long-distance runner.
Game #7: A Kingdom for a Horse

Lesson: Make an offer that can't be refused.
Game #8: They're Just Pawns

Lesson: Breaking pawns.
Game #9: Got You at Last, Tiger!

Lesson: Open files are express lanes to victory!
Game #10: Starting Off on the Right Foot

Lesson: When the coast is clear, the king can join the fun.
Game #11: Earning the Title Shot

Lesson: Stick with your plan.
Game #12: A Spanish Adventure in Holland

Lesson: Make something out of nothing.
Game #13: World Champion at Last!

Lesson: Prepare your counterattack.
Game # 14: Drama in the Theater District

Lesson: The powerful stare of the bishop.
Game #15: Teaching the Student a Lesson

Lesson: Navigating the opening labyrinth.
Game #16: Top of the World!

Lesson: Critical positions need the most work.
Game #17: New Year's Resolution­ Just Win, Beautifully!

Lesson: Man-an-man coverage.
Game #18: Breaking Down the Wall

Lesson: Play your opening persistently.
Game # 19: The Next Generation

Lesson: Open file, double rooks.
Game #20: Fortune Favors the Brave

Lesson: Play boldly, no matter how strong the opposition.
Kasparov's First Place Achievements
Recommended Reading
Index of Openings
Index of Opponents

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