Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

Tactics in the Chess Opening 3 – Friso Nijboer & Geert van der Stricht

French Defence

Classical Variation 3. kc3 Kf6

Advance Variation 3.c5

Winawer Variation 3.kc3 Jb4

Tarrasch Variation 3.kd2

Other Variations

Caro-Kann Defence

Open Variation 3.kc3 dxe4 4.kxe4

Variations without 2...Kf6

Advance Variation 3.e5

Panov Variation 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4

Other Variations

Scandinavian Defence

Recapturing with the Queen 2...Mxd5

Marshall Variation 2...Kf6

Pirc Defence

Austrian Attack 4.f4

Classical Variation 4.kf3

English Attack 4.je3

Byrne Variation 4.jg5

Other Systems

King’s Fianchetto

Set-ups with c2-c4

Set-ups without c2-c4

Alekhine Defence

Four Pawn Attack

Classical Variation 4.kf3

Other Systems

Index of Players

NlCKEY Semi-Open Games

NIC – an Integrated System

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