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Comprehensive CHESS COURSE Volume II – Roman Pelts and Lev Alburt

An Introduction

Lesson 1
The rules of play

Lesson 2
Abbreviated notation

Some chess terms and concepts

Attack and defense


Lesson 3
More symbols and terms

How to start a game

Mating with a Queen and Rook in the endgame

Lesson 4
Mistakes in the opening

Mating with two Rooks in the endgame

Lesson 5
Opening traps

Mating with a Queen in the endgame

Lesson 6
The concept of planning

Exploiting a large material advantage

Mating with a Rook in the endgame

Lesson 7

Double attack

Pawn endgame

The rule of the square

Lesson 8

Endgames with King and two pawns versus King

Lesson 9
The skewer

How combinations are created

Endgames with King and Rook pawn against lone King

Lesson 10
Typical mating combinations

The back-rank mate

Endgame with King and non-Rook pawn versus King

Lesson 11
Typical mating combinations (continuation)

Mate by a major piece (Queen or Rook) helped by other men

Endgame with King and non-Rook pawn versus King (continuation)

Lesson 12

Afterword:  Moving On to Expert and Master

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